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Finding a good and reliable caterer these days is tricky, because it can be hard to tell whether or not a particular caterer is worthy of your trust. At Green Traiteur & Cafe, we’ve spent the past eight years building a reputation for reliability and creativity in Montreal. We try our utmost best to satisfy our customers, and it is our main aim to provide excellent services to our clients.


Since we know what it takes to be a reliable caterer, we know what it takes to find one as well. If you live in Montreal, then you can rely on us for all your private and corporate catering needs. If you don’t live in Montreal, you can still find a reliable caterer in your area. Ask for personal recommendations from friends and colleagues. The best way to know how good a caterer is, is to speak to someone who has worked with them in the past. Search online for caterers in your area, and review their menus. Try to find a caterer with an innovative menu with many options, instead of a menu that offers the same dishes you’ve had at every catered affair for the last decade.

Our chefs have created a vast, diverse menu, featuring traditional Canadian and the best of international cuisine. We can accommodate a range of budgets, and can cater any sort of gathering from business conference to casual get-together. We have many organic and vegetarian dishes, suitable for those on restricted diets.

Green Traiteur & Café, was formed over many years, and has since grown to become one of the top companies in Montreal that provides corporate catering services. Our vast experience in the field of catering has led us to understand the needs of our clients, and we are easily able to help our clients in getting the best services.

Planning a private party or corporate event can be a massive undertaking. But when you bring in a reliable caterer, you can rest assured that the job will be taken care of. And when you bring in a creative caterer, you can be sure that the job will be done beautifully. With Green Traiteur & Café, you get both reliability and creative catering.
Our team will work closely with you to plan your catering menu so that it perfectly suits your style, taste and needs. Give us a try today; we know you will love it.