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Design is Crucial

A great emphasis is put on the design of each Green Traiteur & Café, in order to have every store harmoniously integrated into specific neighbourhoods. The Green Traiteur & Café spirit is always there, but we are far from those chains repeating the same decor over and over.

green viger1

A Special Place for Very Special People

Our Green Traiteur & Café are known for the fresh and modern ambiance that they offer. Warm and vivid colors, marble, stones and wood elements are perfectly combined to create an atmosphere that invites customers to relax, breathe, eat, and drink. Our client can enjoy themselves in our lounge sections while they read the magazines and newspapers available for them.

When space permits, we like to add a long table for strangers or peers to share. Our goal is to create a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed.

Merchandising displays highlight our great retail products and exclusive coffee beans bags.

Green Traiteur & Café design accents that we love!

  1. The long communal table.
  2. The fresh product displays.
  3. The Espresso machine and its two grinders.
  4. The take-out fridge
  5. The lounge area
  6. The electrical outlet to plug in our laptops (work oblige!)
  7. The designer light fixtures that we whish we had at home…
  8. The flamboyant wallpapers that we love but would not dare install in our own nest!
  9. The tall windows and ceiling.