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Among our services is our well known catering services, from casual’s occasions
to formal corporate. We deliver the same natural, fresh food that we sell in our
stores. All of our sandwiches and baguettes are made every morning by our
chefs using the finest ingredients.

We use special smart presentation platters with lids to protect your food and keep
it fresh, ready to go straight into your meeting. You can choose from platters of
sandwiches, buffet platters (for more formal meetings or parties) fresh croissants
and baked goods for breakfast and lots more. Whether you need a sandwich
platter for 10 or a buffet for 100, we can help.

Either ordering classics from our menu or creating a taylormade menu that will
suit your desires. Let us help you to make a great impression without all of the fuss.

Give us a try today…we know you’ll love it!