When the time comes to step in a business venture, thousands of questions arise. Which lead to take? Where to invest? Which option to choose? Green Traiteur & Café offers you a winning formula: its franchise program. In opposition to the majority of the other large franchises, Green Traiteur & Café works on making every branch well adapted to its environment and to the specific needs of its clients. Although Green Traiteur & Café stresses on offering a fast service, the chain is miles away from being a conventional fast food franchise. Strongly refusing to be part of an industry so severely deprived of soul and taste, Green Traiteur & Café’s philosophy focuses on offering fresh and natural products, along with a trustful and warm service. [button style= »style3″ url= » »]Fill out online our  franchise application[/button] Here is a brief overview of what acquiring a Green Traiteur & Café means in terms of investment, value and support:

Average cost of a Green Traiteur & Café franchise:

  • * Between $200,000 and $400,000
  • Minimum investment required: * 40 to 50% of the project’s cost
  • Franchise fee: * $35,000
  • Detail of the Franchise Fee:
  • The right to use Green Traiteur & Café name and logo
  • Assistance with the site selection
  • Assistance with the lease negotiations
  • Preparation of a personalized business plan
  • Assistance with the financial procedures (50 to 60%)
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Assistance with the elaboration of the accommodation plan
  • Equipment order
  • Training of the franchisee and his team on sales, management, and operational methods pertaining to the exploitation of the Presse Café branch.
  • Promotional plan and assistance with the opening of the branch.
  • Assistance and presence during the first weeks of operations.

If you have other questions or if you wish to schedule an appointment with us to discuss business opportunities offered by Les Cafés V.P., please call 514-935-5553 # 221. You can also send an email Do not forget to leave your name and address. We will be more than happy to assist you and to answer your questions.